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Welcome to the Drone age

We are an aerial imaging company based in South East Queensland, Australia. We love flying Drones, (or, Remotely Piloted Aircraft, RPA’s), taking photo’s and making movies. We can help with all, well, almost all, (we have no defence capabilities!), your aerial imaging needs.

Why use Aerial Imaging?

For a unique perspective, of course! But more seriously, there are many practical applications for aerial imaging, some of which are now regular practice in our daily lives. Sectors which use RPA’s daily are surveying, construction, mining, tourism, defence, local government and real estate. That list is by no means complete! The other great use for an aerial platform is a unique visual perspective. At The Drone Age, we can assist in providing high quality images captured using an RPA. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our Aerial Imaging Services.

Amazing aerial imagERy 

The Drone age specialises in all types of commercial aerial photography and videography. We can make your aerial imaging and photography a reality. The Drone Age is a Queensland based company has helped businesses of all sizes with services such as:

  • Aerial imaging and videos for Commercial displays and Marketing
  • Drone and Video Production and Cinematography
  • Real Estate and Property Development imaging and videos
  • Aerial Photography for corporate events and live events


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